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Hey, I'm Jennie.

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Hello and welcome! Thank you for visiting my website. Here are a few things that are important to me and my art practice:

~I am a Pacific Northwest girl with roots in the South! I live in the beautiful state of Washington but spent a lot of time as a kid and young adult in Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida because that's where my family is from. I particularly love the marshes of Savannah, GA and revisit my time spent at our family "Marsh House" (now sold) through my art.

~Growing up, I was surrounded by art supplies because my mom is an artist. One of my first vivid memories is going into an art studio where my mom was taking a class. While there, she traced around my five-year-old self on a big piece of canvas that I later cut out and painted. The smell of turpentine, paint and other art supplies stuck with me - it's such a specific smell - and I loved being in that space.

~I love teaching! My career background is as an elementary school teacher and my favorite grade ever is 4th. Currently I'm teaching art at a small private school to grades 1st-6th. Dream job! (Besides making my own art!)

~My mom allowed me and my best friend to paint a jungle mural on my wall when I was in 5th grade. I was so proud of it and it stayed there all through high school and beyond. 


~Memories are important to me. I have kept a journal and/or scrapbook since I was in junior high! Life moves fast and it's easy to be distracted and forget the goodness and beauty all around us. My art is one way I allow myself to slow down and pay attention and record moments in time.

~I love being outside. Walking in the woods, down a beach, around my neighborhood - all amazing. I especially love it when the sun is shining. Many of the moments I spend outdoors are photographed and used as inspiration for paintings in the studio.

~Blessing/curse in life is loving too many things. I often joke that I am a jack of all trades... you know the rest. I have a hard time choosing just one thing to focus on. I love to read, jog, ski, hike, travel, tap dance, paint, speak Spanish, practice yoga, do ballet - I want to do it all. Which is why I paint both in watercolor and acrylic, and occasionally mix in collage or other mediums. Art is a journey of discovery and exploration, and this process helps me to let go of control as I follow a sense of wonder and delight. 

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