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Watercolor & Acrylic

Loose, layered, semi-abstract:
paintings inspired by the natural world in watercolor, acrylic, & mixed media.

Hi, I'm Jennie!
I have been making and creating art for as long as I can remember but in recent years started to make it a daily practice. My art is inspired by the natural world, and I paint as a way to express a moment, time, or place that captures my attention and ignites my curiosity in some way. Whether it's how light falls on a particular landscape, or unique patterns, textures, and colors found in nature, I paint because it helps me to slow down, pay attention, and remember. As I translate moments and memories onto paper or panel, painting becomes a form of meditation and allows me to connect more intentionally with my surroundings and myself. I hope my art helps you to slow down as well, and that it brings you a sense of delight and joy.


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